SMERNAX is a global international company providing a wide range of lottery, betting, and gaming solutions. Deeply involved in research and development, the company delivers cutting edge technologies and hardware means tailored to local markets. SMERNAX is driven by customer demand and offers high level of service to its clients and partners.

Stable market-leading position

Highly secure hardware and software

Unique lottery and betting solutions fully compliant with local gaming regulations

Advanced technology backed up by consistent branding, customer care, and strict internal QA procedures

Innovative technological solutions enhanced by strategic partnerships with leading brands

Bet.OS is a business solution for Bookmakers that provides original betting options on top of time-tested standard bet types. Bet.OS automates bet acceptance, accounting, and processing in Betting Shops, and also handles payouts. On top of that, Bet.OS facilitates online bet outcome verification. Operating on custom-made Bookmakers hardware, Bet.OS processes event outcomes and shows them on the Betting Terminal in an entertaining fashion. Payouts for winning bets get credited on Bettor account.

Betting opportunities

Bet.OS supports betting on events around the world. Flights data, weather fluctuations, sports, lottery draws, and chess tournaments are among the available options. Bet.OS lines are fueled by data stream from third-party publicly-available data providers who also manage data warehousing tasks. By interacting with custom-made Betting Terminals, bettors are at liberty to select their desired betting options. Simultaneously, event outcomes are broadcast in real time on TV screens in Betting Shops.

Bet.OS advantages

  • Time and money savings
    Beginning with Bettor registration and ending with winnings and taxes, Bet.OS takes care of all betting operations. Customizable workflow automation reduces manual work and drives efficiency.
  • Customer care and partnership-oriented practices
    Feature requests and user feedback are implemented in each new Bet.OS release, making each version more stable and user-friendly.
  • 100% legal
    Local regulations for betting business are top priority throughout the development lifecycle. Bet.OS is highly configurable and can be seamlessly adapted to any jurisdiction.
  • 24/7 client support
    Around-the-clock client support ensures that any arising issues will be solved quickly and effectively.
  • Effective promotions and bettor incentives
    Bet.OS stores a wide range of bettor demographics and activity tracking, while also offering marketing tools to leverage that into special offers and advertising.
  • BI and reporting
    Bet.OS Analytical Module collects and warehouses all betting-related data and presents it in summary or detailed reports. The reports are customizable, aiding to any analysis efforts in terms of betting operations.
  • International standards compliance
    Bet.OS is BMM-certified and fully compliant with betting standards.
  • Integrations
    Bet.OS is an open system that can be easily integrated with third-party betting products.
  • Bettor ID card
    Bettor ID cards that work with all event types are issued to all bettors.
  • New features coming
    Bet.OS development does not stop as to adapt to ever-changing market needs. With new games and features being added, our betting options expand.

To learn more about Bet.OS, please visit the product website:

GRAVITY OF GOLD is a revolutionary product that drastically changes traditional poker games in casinos. It offers a live poker table experience with the Player in control of how the game goes.

The centerpiece and facade of GRAVITY OF GOLD system is the Poker Machine, a unique hardware that has a mechanical random number generator (RNG) on board in the form of a drawing machine with balls. Each ball is fitted with a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag that is mapped to a playing card in electronic deck. The physical RNG shuffles and uniformly distributes balls into special columns mimicking the card deal.

Crystal-clear gaming experience
The Player is in full control, being able to decide for how long the balls will shuffle and which ball will correspond to which card.
Full SAS support
SAS protocol is a de facto standard acknowledged by gaming operators all over the world. Gravity of Gold works with SAS 6.02 and has backwards-compatibility. SAS 6.02 comprises all modern requirements to gaming devices and supports all features required by modern casinos.
Tips for casino personnel
Poker Machine in-game look-and-feel can be configured to reflect any brand by uploading logos, custom messages, and multimedia.
TITO (Ticket-In/Ticket-Out) and AFT (Advanced Funds Transfer)
Several machine crediting options at the Player's disposal: cashless transfer, TITO and cash.
Beautiful graphics and real-life game experience
Voice guide

Currently, GRAVITY OF GOLD offers the following popular casino games with variations: Three Card Poker, Casino Stud Poker, Casino Hold'em Poker, Let It Ride, Crazy 4 Poker. Support of Progressive Jackpots also adds to the product appeal.

All games follow the Rules of Casino Games in Great Britain in terms of game rules, table layouts, odds, side wagers, and variations.

To learn more about Gravity of Gold, please visit the product website:

Griffon is an electronic lottery system that automates instant lottery sales.

Griffon covers all lottery operation bases:

Lottery tickets generation

Distribution to end client via partner retailer chains

Ticket sales via Lottery Terminals

Griffon advantages

To learn more about Griffon, please visit the product website: Download
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